FNX Announces Meme Contest

In the prospect of launching our presale, we want our growing community to get involved with the project diffusion. FNX is a cryptocurrency exchange and alternative banking platform. We want to provide decentralized solutions to everyone in the world. If you’d like to help us spread the word, here is how.

👀 Meme Contest

Are you into memes? We also are!

Share your art with us and your ideas to create designs. We will open a public channel in our Discord server, #memes (https://discord.gg/rUBW734AmR), dedicated to the contest. The most creative designs will be shortlisted to win a spot in the presale.

  • Platform: Discord
  • Spots: 20
  • Starting date: Sunday 29th, 1 PM ET (UTC -5)
  • Ending date: Monday 30th, 1 PM ET (UTC -5)
Dance, dance, dance

No signup is needed for the meme contest; simply drop your memes on Discord.

What are you waiting to participate in? Secure your spot today.


Are you an influencer?
We also want to give some spots for influencers that help spread the word. Just contact an admin via Telegram to get started: https://t.me/fnxexchange.

  • Spots: 10
  • Platform: Discord, Telegram, Twitter

Stay tuned for share & shill contest announcement coming soon! 🎉

💬Social Media

We are currently headed down to develop the hybrid exchange and preparing for our presale, which will be announced in a separate post. In the meantime, stay tuned with the latest and greatest:




FNX Exchange

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